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Podbean provides industry-leading podcast statistics so you can track how your podcast is doing and get insights into your audience.

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Podbean provides a full array of podcast monetization tools. You can monetize your podcast by using Podbean’s built-in dynamic advertising system, Patron Program, and/or Premium Podcast service.

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"I've been with Podbean since my very first episode and wouldn't go anywhere else. I researched all the hosting platforms three years ago and I can honestly say I made the right choice. The value for money is excellent as is their customer service. Every time I've asked a question they've gotten straight back to me. The feed is also super reliable and the integrations with Spotify, iTunes and Facebook have helped me find new audiences. The whole uploading process is basically foolproof, and believe me, with my limited tech skills it needs to be.“



–-Science Adventure Stories For Kids

"We are so impressed with the Podbean team. We have a question, they're on it. We have a problem, they solve it. The platform is easy to use and we get our podcast out to the world instantly. We're closing in on a year and several other hosting sites have tried to lure us away. We're staying right here with Podbean."

The PodGOATs

The PodGOATs

"We have been podcasting with Podbean three times a week since 2008. We have shared over 1,500 episodes with our listeners from all over the world in over 11 years! During this time, we have created podcasts on cruise ships with our listeners, at Disney theme parks, even raised well over $100,000.00 for charity! Without Podbean and the entire podcasting community, none of this would have been possible. Our show is heard on every corner of the globe due to this amazing service!"

Josh hallmark

–-Mike Rahlmann,

--Be Our Guest WDW Podcast

Podbean Live

Expand your podcast with live audio streaming and engage your audience in new and exciting ways! Take listener calls and get real-time comments. Earn virtual currency from ticket sales and gifts.

Learn How to Start a Live Stream
Podbean Live Stream
Podbean App Audio Recorder

Podbean App Audio

Record, edit and publish podcasts right from your phone with the free, easy-to-use Podbean app. It’s designed to make you sound great, regardless of your skill level. Learn more about audio recorder app.

Starting a Podcast for Free

How to Start a Podcast

Five Simple Steps for Starting a Podcast

  1. Pick a topic and format for your podcast.
  2. Choose your podcast name and create a podcast logo.
  3. Record your first podcast episode. You can record right from your phone using the Podbean app or other mobile tools.
  4. Publish your podcast episode to your podcast hosting site.
  5. Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts and other directories.
Starting a Podcast Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Podcast, Podcast Hosting Options and Costs, How to Promote Your Podcast and more

Is starting a podcast easy?

There are many tools available to make starting a podcast easy. There’s no need to learn complex technology or be a sound engineer. However, starting a podcast (and keeping it going) does take a lot of creative energy and a good bit of hard work.

Can I really start a podcast for free?

Yes.  With Podbean you can start a podcast for free. Podbean offers a free podcast hosting service. You can use Podbean Podcast App to live stream, record and publish a podcast for free. Podbean also provides paid plans which provide advanced features and more storage space.

How do I get my podcast on Apple Podcasts?

First, publish one podcast episode to your Podbean account and complete your basic account and Apple information for your Podbean feed. Next, submit your feed to Apple Podcasts. Approval may take several days. When you publish new episodes, they will then automatically be found in Apple Podcasts.

How do I get my podcast on Spotify?

Podbean is a Spotify partner, so you can easily submit your podcast directly to Spotify. Simply go to the “Social Share” section of your Podbean settings and follow the steps to “Connect to Spotify”.

What statistics come with Podbean podcast hosting?

Podbean provides advanced statistics (and basic stats in free podcast hosting accounts) that show you how your podcast is performing across all platforms. You can view downloads and trends in time periods, by episode, or comparing episodes. You can see where your downloads come from and get other unique insights, such as listener retention and what times/days most people listen.

How do I switch to Podbean from another podcast hosting site?

Migrating your podcast is easy and free. First, you import your current content using our free importing tool. Then, you redirect your old podcast feed to your new Podbean feed. From there, you can begin using Podbean podcast hosting seamlessly.

What are some good methods to promote a podcast?

Make sure you’re sharing your podcast on social media. You can auto share new episodes via Podbean. Audiograms can grab more attention on social media. Podcast apps, like Podbean, may offer various promotional opportunities. Another successful method to promote a podcast is by advertising on other podcasts. You can do cross promos, or use the Podbean advertising marketplace to run your ads.

How do I monetize my podcast?

There are many methods to monetize a podcast. Podbean offers built-in tools including Premium, Patron, PodAds and a Podcast Advertising Marketplace. We let you decide what works best for monetizing your podcast.

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